"We are a very conservative financial software company and always do our 'due diligence'. There are several companies offering meeting scheduling on a performance basis. We checked all of them and the three with the highest marks are in New England. After interviewing these companies, we did a pilot using each for a small project. I can tell you Top Tier Connections is the best by far. They are big enough to get the job done but small enough to care. One company is so big you get the idea you are dealing with a sweat shop. We would go several days before our calls were returned and the quality was poor. The other company was extremely disorganized and we would get a different person every time we called. We also received a different answer to the same question."

"With Top Tier we never went more than 2 hours before getting a call back. Usually we were able to talk to someone on our first call. I could always talk to the owner, or to my dedicated account manager, who always knew what was happening. Top Tier Connections got us to see the right people, in the right companies and with such speed we had to ask them to slow down at one point. Needless to say they are our meeting development partners going forward."

S. Lester, COO of a financial software company. Boston, MA


"We were able to not only penetrate companies that had been on our cold list for years, but Top Tier Connections actually got us appointments that we had been mailing and emailing for months with no response. Some of those same companies are now in our active pipeline and two are now clients of ours. I can't tell you how impressed I am with their work."

William A., SVP of Marketing, of a data storage company. Los Angeles, CA


The VP of Sales and Marketing at a major Financial Software company reported 7 new very hot prospects in their pipeline in 4 months of working with Top Tier. He reports that they have a very long sales cycle, but for 70-80% of the prospects for whom they do on-site demos and pilots, the result is new business.

Brett A., EVP of Sales and Marketing, for a financial software company. Atlanta, GA


"Our company can track $37 million in new business over the last 18 months, thanks to the people at Top Tier."

John C., of an IT services company, Chicago, IL


"With the help of TTC my company was able to get in front of marketing executives at Merck, J&J, Pillsbury and several other marquee companies that we were never able to penetrate before."

Lloyd W., of a brand development company. NY, NY