Company Overview

Top Tier Connections, Inc is a company whose business is Your Company's Success. We succeed when you succeed. We believe the bottom line is the bottom line. We tell our clients, "do the math". How much new business do you need in order to meet your goals this quarter? How about this year? What about the next few years? How many prime prospects do you need to get in front of to make your goals? How many suspects do you need to talk to, in order to convert them into the right number of prospects? Who are those suspects and how do you find them, talk to them and get in front of them? We can help you accomplish all of these goals.

You could make the best blue suede shoe polish in the world, but if no one knew about it, your business would fail. Would it help if you had a list of everyone in the US who owned a pair of blue suede shoes, including their phone number and email address? How about an appointment with the VP of Sales from the world's leading manufacturer of blue suede shoes? What about an appointment with the SVP of Marketing from the leading distributor?

Substitute "Blue Suede Shoes" with Enterprise Software, SAP Consulting, Financial Software, Data Virtualization & Storage, CRM, High End Consulting, Marketing, HR Services and Outsourcing and the list continues. These are only some of the clients for whom we have made and continue to make substantial increases to their bottom line. (See Client Testimonials).

We work on a pay for performance, pay for goals achieved and pay by the hour business model. We're the marksman you hire as your needs dictate.

Ninety percent of our business is with companies in the US who want to increase their domestic market share. Ten percent of our business is partnering with European, Pac Rim and South African companies who wish to expand their business within the US. For some of our US client companies, we secure relationships with high level executives of foreign companies.

We are highly successful and profitable; in addition to being one of New Hampshire's fastest growing companies. Each client's success is important to us. For one of our clients, we were instrumental in securing a multi-million dollar IT purchase from one of the largest hardware companies in the country. We were responsible for a several hundred thousand dollar billing software purchase by a major insurance and investment company. We eliminated costly expenses for a world wide communication company by performing six months of market research in two months. We assisted a US banking software company generate new activity in European markets. We increased business within the US for a South African inventory management company. Our client's success is our business.

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Our Staff

In the world of business you will find people who let things happen and people who make things happen.

In the world of business you will find people who "get it" and people who don't.

Our consultant staff is comprised of professionals who have the drive, perseverance, ability, willingness, life experiences and demeanor to MAKE things happen.

Our consultants are those who "get it".

We employ people who:

  • were entrepreneurs of their own business
  • sold software and consulting services for "Fortune 500" companies
  • understand selling to multi million dollar companies
  • are involved with local, state and federal governments
  • sold to top executives at leading hospitals and medical institutions as well the Center for Disease Control and the National Cancer Institute
  • were involved with college and graduate levels of education
  • have experience with publishing
  • were executive administrators for CEO's of "Fortune 200" companies

All of our consultants know several ways to get past gate keepers and get in front of top level executives.

Our staff is driven by huge challenges which are rewarding to achieve. We have many simultaneous opportunities which create a very exciting and gratifying work atmosphere. We employ a fun, secure and rewarding environment in which our consultants can stretch their wings and reach for the stars.

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