Our Services

Performance-Based Lead Generation Services.

TTC will schedule face-to-face meetings with the executives (by title) you specify and the companies you target for your sales staff. These meetings will comply with the calendar restraints you provide. The prospect will have a high level understanding of what your company offers and has agreed to meet with your representative for an hour or so. You pay us only for meetings that actually take place. You tell us how many meetings you need per week, month or quarter and we deliver. We buy what ever resources are necessary to accomplish the task. Our new clients can hardly believe our success. Our old clients make us an integral part of their sales force.

Fee and Hourly Based Consulting.

Companies that are not sure how to start or increase new business development often pay us for our expertise. We do this on an hourly basis or fee for a specific project. Details available upon request.


Ensures your field team is meeting with the right executives at the right companies.

List Brokerage Services.

Ensures you are contacting the right companies and speaking to the right executives. We are both list compilers and list brokers and can compile or find any list that exists. So you want a list of all the companies in North America with over 100 employees that still use Telemagic? Easy. We can do it for you.

Sales Staff Training.

We will have one of our experts come to your location for 1-2 or 3 Day training seminars. Or, you can send them for 3 day training sessions at our corporate headquarters, located at 1 Tara Boulevard in Nashua, NH.

Stay at the Radisson Hotel, adjacent to our headquarters in Nashua, NH.

Telemarketing services B2B.

Gather business intelligence, increase attendance at events, generate interest and get companies talking about you.

What can we do for you?